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Hello, I'm Tamara Bravo.

I am a graphic design graduate with two years of professional experience. Currently, I still work mostly as a graphic and digital designer at MJV Technology and Innovation, facilitating and providing more visual and user-friendly solutions.

However, my main interests are the strategic areas in which I can develop my analytical and planning skills, working specifically on developing new people-focused services and experiences. I consider the strategic design tools and the flexible methodologies to be the key to innovative solutions to improve social issues.

So, as a designer at MJV, I make the most of the company’s interdisciplinary and innovative environment, moving through several areas, which is a great opportunity for me to learn a bit more about strategic innovation and grow every day.

When I’m not working, I'm usually running, trekking a mountain or socially transforming myself as a volunteer at the NGO TETO. Besides my keen interest in design, I am fond of sports, adventure and having a life in contact with nature.

I'm inspired by challenging and unpredictable situations that take me away from tedious routines and require that I overcome myself to solve them. So, have any challenge for me or want to show me something new? I'm waiting for you, get in contact and challenge me!