Tamara Bravo

Cirúrgica Industrial



cirúrgica industrial

My role: Packaging, Institutional Material,
Promotional Material

Motiva agency

Designers: Tamara Bravo, André Duarte
and Dante Campana

Creative direction: Dante Campana

May 2015


Background: Credibility, high technology

and high-quality hospital products

Cirúrgica Industrial is an important national factory of hospital supplies that offers a range of competitive products associated with the excellence in raw materials and technology used. They looked for Motiva agency with the need of redesign and organize
their brands portfolio aiming to increase their financial
value and generate more inner engagement. 


Challenge: Restructuring to

reflect the greatness

Starting from the existent products portfolio, Motiva has structured an endorsed brand architecture, prioritizing the main brand visibility, the Cirúrgica Industrial.


Solution: A new architecture

for a new moment

Exploring the new visual identity with consistent support elements, I redesigned the packaging, institutional and promotional materials such as quality and certification stamps of the factory. With the visual concretion of this new moment, the result was the internal and external logistics operations optimization. Also, the security and quality delivered by the factory through its products became more evident.