Tamara Bravo

ITAG Consulting



ITAG Consulting

My role: Visual Identity, Institutional Material

Motiva agency

Designers: Tamara Bravo and Ivan Barbosa

Creative direction: Ivan Barbosa

April 2014


Background: Charismatic consulting

and  management

ITAG is a business consulting specialized in solving problems in the area of contract management of buildings and enterprises.
The ITAG name was chosen by the initials of the owner,
Ilma Trindade Ambrósio Garcia.


Inspiration: Field experience

combined with academic legacy

In this project I was responsible for creating the brand identity and institutional material, aiming to strengthen the office values. Based on the essence of owner Ilma, I sought to convey her primordial aspiration: to leave an academic legacy, transmitting her knowledge and experience acquired with many years of field experience.


Solution: An elementary

and expressive brand

For this, I looked for visual inspiration in the Pi, often used in engineering and math universe. I also tried to visually represent stacked books symbolizing the desired academic legacy. The final result is a clean and minimal sum as a symbol and a well implemented visual identity on the office stationery.